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Hybrid LTC

Hybrid Long Term Care Policies

Some insurers are structuring “cash rich” whole life insurance policies that allow you to tap into the death benefit while living to pay for Long Term Care.  These policies may also offer supplemental Long Term Care riders to expand the Long Term Care benefit pool and provide up to life time Long Term Care benefits.

Premium options range from single pay to lifetime pay and are level for life.  These policies may offer surrender or loan options typical of a whole life policy if you would find yourself in need of the funds invested in the policy.

Hybrid policies are typically more expensive than a traditional Long Term Care Policy and carry similar underwriting requirements.  Their benefits include:

  • Death Benefit less Long Term Care expenses used
  • Up to life time Long Term Care Benefits
  • Surrender Options
  • Loan Options
  • Guaranteed benefit, not use it or lose it.
  • 1035 Exchange option from existing policy
  • Level Premiums

Contact us to learn more.  Our Long Term Care Specialist can complete a detailed analysis and recommend the plan that fits your needs.