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How We Invest

At Corto Financial, we believe simple beats complex and investing is all about your investment strategy versus holding illiquid securities, high priced money managers that might be leveraged or have high fees with no clear investment strategy. We use a keep it simple investment strategy approach to all of our clients, we customize an investment portfolio based on your needs and goals and use low cost indexes, ETF’s and individual stocks to keep cost extremely low and also customized to each and every client.

We BELIEVE the following:

  • Our investment philosophy is universal but our strategies for each client are personal
  • Each portfolio should be designed to meet the specific needs, goals and directives of our clients
  • LESS is more, we believe costs should be LOW. Our average clients pays less than 125bps for all the planning, portfolio construction, online personal website, implementing the investment strategy and account management
  • Portfolios are created with an overall investment plan in mind, Process over Product
  • We Always act in the best interests of our client’s, we are not paid commissions but rather investment advisory fees that are correlated to the assets managed under Corto Financial.
  • We view financial planning and asset management as two inseparable components of a successful strategy.
  • We take a holistic approach which includes – disability insurance, life insurance, cash flow, taxes on investment accounts, and overall investment strategies for our physician clients.